Maxim- A

 A 82mm steel panel based offering infinite modular configurations to the end user.

The system allows different heights of frames to combine together. The aluminum trims offer strength and character to the whole system. This modular system allows accessories like overhead bins, stationary trays, pencil holders and telephone trays to be mounted on the panels.

Its 82mm panels offer consealed wire management and the panel thickness allows for ample internal space to house multiple wiring requirements in terms of seperation even for voice, data and power cables. Outlets can be brought out to any position either on the power panels , raceway covers or on the tiles itself and can be below or above the table tops.

The design of the system allows for the panels to be stackable thus offering flexibility to the enduser in a moment.

  • 90Deg WS
    90Deg WS
  • L Shaped Workstation Cluster
    L Shaped Workstation Cluster
  • Maxim-A_Wrsttn_Panels